Why creative education

Why creative education is crucial?

The world is facing unprecedented challenges – social, economic, and environmental – driven by accelerating globalization and a faster rate of technological developments. The traditional teaching around the world focuses on the lowest thinking skills of humans, such as remembering. This was useful in the past decades, but not enough in the present day rapidly developing society.

Education needs to focus on the skills and qualities specific to humans, which machines and AI lack. After all, we humans design the AI and robots, and imagine and create the implementations how to use them.

Learning  HOW to learn not WHAT to learn 

Arkki educational program helps the kids of today to reach their fullest potential and become the creative leaders of tomorrow, solving the most complex problems mankind has ever seen.

In this time of industrial revolution 4.0, when machines are replacing the basic jobs, it is time to aim higher and develop the higher-order thinking skills of the next generation. It is no longer enough to learn facts, but we need to learn what to do with the facts and how to solve the complex problems of our society at all fields of life.

Considering this modern society, future life is no longer about WHAT you know at a certain moment, it’s about HOW you can learn and adapt, which is why teaching should focus on learning to learn, instead of memorizing.


“Personally I think that our world is changing faster than ever. We would like to see how creative education would help the Thai pupils skill development and in the process allow them to actively contribute to the country development,”Thanikan Pornpongsaroj, member of the Parliament, Dusit- Bangsue District, Thailand



HOT skills (Higher Order Thinking Skills)

Through project-based and phenomenon-based learning, the Arkki program develops

HOT skills, such as Creativity and Innovation skills – the skills that help us humans solve problems such as “what to do with all the knowledge we have”, and “how to use it to make the world a better place”.