Urban Design theme course

In Urban design theme course we take a look at cities from different perspectives and design the future city of our dreams. The history of mankind is the history of enculturation, sociality, and the built environment. 70 percent of the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2050. The future quality of our environment will be determined by the children of today!

In this course we will focus on transportation, food production, urban flora and fauna, buildings, heritage, energy, water, rehabilitation, citizens and communities. The pupils learn about history, discuss environmental issues, and design solutions and sketch various ideas. Finally the chosen ideas are executed in a mutual master plan and a 3D scale model of the area.

This course is a perfect example of phenomenal learning combining various STEAM and beyond subjects, including social and human sciences. The process involves engaging pupils in experiential learning, persisting problem-solving, embracing collaboration and working through the creative process of urban design. During the course the pupils practise participation and collaboration, they question and evaluate ideas and solutions, empathize and analyze other people’s opinions while presenting and justifying their own opinions.