Urban Design 3D AR theme course

In Urban design 3D AR theme course pupils take a look at cities from different perspectives and design the future city of their dreams. In addition to the traditional planning methods such as discussions, planning and sketching the pupils will also learn how to use a 3D modelling software to illustrate their ideas through computer models and visualisations. The pupils learn about history of city planning, discuss environmental issues, form different solutions and sketch various ideas.

The process involves engaging pupils in experiential learning, persisting problem-solving, embracing collaboration and working through the creative process of urban design. The pupils practise collaboration, questioning and evaluating ideas and solutions, empathising and participation as well as listening and analysing other people’s opinions and presenting and justifying their own.

The use of 3D computer drawing and visualisation develops the pupils 3D Thinking and Spatial Intelligence. This course also builds bridges between science, technology, engineering and mathematics, collectively known as the STEM disciplines – and even beyond, including the social and human aspects of urban design.