Explorers – Creative 1A

Creative 1A is the start of Arkki long-term education program for school age children. On this course we start building the foundation for the themes and skills to be deepened and expanded in the following modules. We ponder, plan, draw and build from all kind of different model building materials.

Themes in this course are the basic elements in architecture; for example colors, shapes, structures and space. The pupils are guided to observe the surroundings and use different senses. The pupils learn to classify, describe, explain, identify, experiment and test their ideas through fun and educational projects that deal with real life challenges. The pupils practise storytelling and presentation skills. The pupils are encouraged to be tenacious in completing their work and to appreciate the results of work. The pupils practise self assessment.

Creative 1A is one of the starter courses for Arkki long-term program. Suitable for Explorers i.e. pupils who have completed the previous Play & Create courses or pupils of 7 years of age.