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Snow castle – something from the dream world that will definitely inspire the imagination and creativity! On the snow architecture course the pupils get to work with an interesting natural material, snow, that totally has its own personality. The nature …

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Have a taste of world-class creative education designed by experts in Finland. Arkki has tailored some projects for children staying @home. In these times of severe restrictions, Arkki wants to do its part by launching and adapting for home use …

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Arkki provides creative education to 4-19 year old kids using architecture and design projects as holistic real-world phenomena providing fun, rewarding and engaging learning experiences.

Arkki awarded programs aim to provide children with new capacities, means and mediums to influence the creation of our future environment, no matter what their occupation will be.

Team up to build the world’s highest LEGO® tower! This playful workshop, which emphasizes 3D structural thinking and motor skills, encourages teamwork and active cooperation through enjoyable constructional challenges. The whole group can work together to build the world´s highest …

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In this workshop, the idea is to provide knowledge about structures and architecture in a fun way. Since architecture is a spatial form of art, it is crucial to study it three-dimensionally, and involving all the senses in the learning process.